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Starting your career is a leap of faith. The nurturing from faculty changes to deadlines from bosses; the career starts looking like the most overwhelming aspect of your life. In this phase, these thoughts may come to your mind:

  • Is this really the career that I prepared all my life for?
  • Why is no one guiding me just like people used to do in the past?
  • I wish there was someone with whom I can share my feelings.

Does this feel relatable to you? Here is how Korporate Ladders is going to help:

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How We Can Help your profile


        • knowing self

      Understand how much success can you earn in a specific career path:-

        • • Know what can motivate you 24×7
          • Score your Skills, Abilities & Aptitude
          • Given your interests and skills, what career suits you the best



        • Exploring

      Now that you have gained professional insights, let us help you:-

      • • Recognize the most suitable opportunities for you
        • Listing the most fitting career options
        • Figuring out the apt professional brands to work with
        • Knowing every possibility before switching to a new career

        • Planning

      In this phase, our enablement program will help you in:-

        • • Getting interview guidance from professional coaches
          • Re-shaping and building your competitive profile to gives you the edge
          • Getting Personalized Coaching and counseling sessions



        • Executing

      At this point, you are ready to execute what you have aimed:

      • • Apply for new opportunities with an edge over others
        • Complete guidance for how to meet expectations of your role
        • Recommendation of courses for further skill advancement
        • Hiring through our specialists job consultants

Our Package

Our package is both methodical and affordable, carefully designed for everyone – from working professionals to new entrants into the corporate world, giving them multiple options to shape their career wisely through the guidance of senior corporate leaders.


      • Library of curated content
      • Resume writing - Text + Infographic
      • Industry insighting tip
      • Interview success techniques
      • Cover letter & networking profile
      • Profile dossier
      • Mock interview & feedback session- 2 sessions
      • Personality profiling
      • Career progression planning- 1 session
      • Resume flash to recruiters- 12 times
      • Free personalised job assistance- 12 months


Happy Customers



Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have signed up for a package of your choice, your relationship manager will contact you within the next 24-48 hours. There will be an intake template for you to share with us and he/she will discuss your employment history, your interests, your specific achievements, and career objectives to better understand your professional requirements.
Different sessions may take different duration depending on your career reports. However, they usually last for about 60-75 minutes. During the session, you will get a 15-minute briefing of career and personality tests. The session also includes question-answer and further planning for career advancement.
Our career counsellors and career coaches are nothing less but experts in the field of corporate career services, with relevant qualifications. Each expert has a minimum experience of 15 years in their respective function. They have shaped careers of many young & experienced professionals.
We will first understand your profile and job experience by taking the required details from you. Thereafter, you will be required to take respective psychometric tests that will try to analyze your Aptitude, Interest, and Skills to find a career suitable for you. Our concerned experts will then give you a brief analysis of what should be the next steps that can take your career to the next level. There is a lot more that goes into this process. To get detailed information about your journey with Korporate Ladders, write to us by going to Contact us section.
The average turnaround time to make the first draft of your resume is 5-6 working days from the date of package sign up. Any special request can be accommodated on an urgent basis with some extra charges. You will get the rest of your services once your resume is finalized.
We have different packages with different duration. The standard packages are available for 4, 8, and 12 weeks’ time period. You can select a package that suits your needs. In case you want to increase the duration, you can upgrade your package.
Yes, you can upgrade your packages at your convenience. Modification requests need to be taken on case to case basis. Just contact your assigned Career Angel and we will help you through the process.
Yes, you can choose a package as per your needs. We have different types of packages depending on your career experience and budget. Feel free to connect with our experts to pick the right option for you, by going to Contact us section.
Yes, we can help you in choosing the appropriate package for you.Write to us by going to Contact us section. Our experts will help you select the package according to your specific needs and experience.
Yes. We understand the importance of Career progression being a continuous journey. So you can opt for getting the annual review of career progression plan done at extra charges. Also, once you are part of Korporate Ladders family, you get unlimited and free access to our library of blog content on the website, even after your package duration is over. So, keep reading and expanding your knowledge base.
Your profile gets added to our pool of talent immediately and you can access our job repository for applying to any preferred job. However, our specialized job search assistance is based on your skills and talents. We first understand your career requirements through career and personality assessment tests. Based on the results, we create a professional resume and then starts the process to find out the best suitable job opportunities for you. We also offer regular job alerts to keep you updated with the job trends in the market. Your defined job search period starts only after your package activities get over.
We have made our career progression plans to serve every section of the working population. These plans are often premium for individual users but we make them affordable for every deserving career enthusiast, through our careful planning and working with large heterogenous groups.
Sorry, we do not have the options of payment in instalments yet. However, you can select a lower-budget/lower package for now. Once you are satisfied with our services or your budget increases, you can always upgrade your package.
No, there is no refund policy. You can only upgrade or postpone the continuance of the package upto 3 months with prior intimation. If you are having any trouble with the packages, feel free to contact us. We will try our best to provide suitable solutions for your concern.
We try our best to connect you with potential recruiters and also groom your interview skills so that you are able to get the right opportunity. However, if the outcomes are not successful, you become eligible for our promising offers.


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