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Launch career of Young professionals

Every Institution wishes to see its students getting a grand start to their careers. But the extremely competitive economic conditions and high influx of career starting population makes it hard for students and even harder for institutions to arrange satisfactory placements after completion of the academic cycle. We believe in preparing this young lot with minute nuances of entering the corporate world and that too with scientific personal planning that ensures smooth career launch and high credibility for Institutions.

Korporate Ladders works on enhancing the employability of a candidate against the peers and fulfilling the expectations of the hiring managers.

How We Can Help You


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      Assist every student in discovering their potential and skills

      • • Knowing students’ personality since the start of their academic journey
        • Analyzing skills and abilities through Psychometric tests
        • Understanding personality aspects like motivation and interests



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      Help them know every potential career stream
      to make sure they stay ahead

      • • Exploring job functions in the industry
        • Selecting job roles based on personality
        • Getting industry insights to understand the upcoming trends

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      Make a goal-oriented and practical career path for students

      • • Counseling sessions for career start and progression
        • Insight sessions from the senior corporate leaders
        • Mastering the art of interview cracking with the help of experts
        • Competitive profile building to increase employability

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      Put the career plan in action through effective services

      • • Assistance from specialised placement partners
        • Finding personality-matching job roles
        • Special courses on market-required skills
        • Industry forums for engaging with peers

How Do We Work?

Korporate Ladder works in synchronization with institutions, scholars, recruiters and everyone else who is involved in the process of career building. Our process is as under:

  • • Creating a personalized resume with industry-specific modifications
    • Grooming the candidates for corporate roles
    • Empowering candidate with the best interview techniques
    • Identifying suitable job roles and opportunities
    • Conducting webinars to give an overview of the corporate world
    • Connecting candidates with industry leaders and experts
    • Giving guidance and involving parents
    • One-to-one personal counselling
    • Offering external assistance in getting placements

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